...using our 4D-approach to design process.

Different fields of design, different projects, different clients,
different challenges and goals, but always one approach.
Discover, Define, Develop, Deliver - four steps on the way to creation of beautiful,
useful and successful products, four essential components of our 4D-approach to design process.


Idea goes to inspiration...

Economy, ethnography, market, culture, trends etc. are different contexts of human and product existence. On Discovery stage we help our clients to find out these contexts. We help our clients to uncover latent needs, desires, dreams and expectations of humans. It’s time of ambitious ideas, hypothesis, assumptions and inspiration.

On initial stage we build a basement of future design. Therefore project success fully depend on this stage.



  • Ethnographic Analysis
  • Consumer Research
  • User-Experience Playbooks
  • Trend Forecasting
  • Market Analysis
  • Managing information

Inspiration goes to design...

It’s time to analysis and synthesis of information we found on previous step. On this stage ALEXANDER ZHUKOVSKY team help our clients to convert discovered problems into well-defined challenges. We compare consumer expectations with client’s possibilities and ask what we needed to solve the problem. We ask what, why, which way, where, how, and a lot of other important questions and looking for answers together. We help our clients to find a technologically feasible design solutions.


  • Project development
  • Project management
  • Project sign-off

Design goes to product...

We preach human-centered design, which implies a system approach to solving any problem. This approach allows us to create successful products in completely different fields of design and branding from the infographics to furniture, medical equipment and transportation.

At this stage we convert all research results and systematic information into a beautiful and expressive shape, whether physical or virtual product.


  • Ideation / Sketching
  • Modelling / Layout design
  • Design Prototyping
  • Ergonomics analysis
  • 3D CAD

Product goes to market..

When you got well-designed product you are just on a halfway to success. Very important successfully deliver product. ALEXANDER ZHUKOVSKY professionals provide complete engineering design and prototyping from build to testing. We arrange piloting and manufacturing. Its important for us that the customer receives the product exactly like it has been thought together by our team and our clients.

On the final step we convert a good design on the paper into the good product on the market.


  • Engineering
  • Final testing and Approval
  • Prototyping and Piloting
  • Sourcing and Manufacturing
  • Targets, evaluation and feedback loops